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Three Eight Off-suit

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Poker for Beginners panel [Thursday
Mar 29th, 12 @ 11:57pm]

Howdy everybody! Just wanted to pass along that I will be running the 'Poker for Beginners' panel at FCN. I am really looking forward to introducing poker to a new group of players. If you find yourself in need of entertainment at FCN around 3 pm Saturday, please stop by and say hi! It's always nice to see some familiar faces. If you can't make it out to the panel, I certainly hope to see you guys at the charity tourney later that evening!

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A Day in the Life of a Professional Poker Dealer [Thursday
Feb 16th, 12 @ 5:46am]

[ mood | excited ]

I've recently been hired at my local card room for a job that I've been striving to get for several years. As of this month, I am officially a professional poker dealer - certified, licensed, and employed. Being as this is the very beginning, I feel it to be the perfect time to begin tracking my progress and logging my most notable experiences. As a unique job type (and a very difficult one to get!), I think that it might make for an interesting read. If not, well, I'm sure that at least I will look back someday and enjoy these memories myself.  If you want to see more, check out my LiveJournal.


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FC Cash Game [Thursday
Jan 5th, 12 @ 4:54pm]

[ mood | excited ]


Yes, yes, I know not too many people are gonna see this, but still. It seemed like the most logical place to post this.

Anyway, as in years past, I am planning to host a cash game in my room Thursday evening of FC. .05/.10 blinds; buy-ins from $2-$10; unlimited rebuys. Dealers choice Hold'Em and Omaha games. Exact time is flexible; I am just trying to get an idea of who would be interested. Leave a reply, text me, or DM me on twitter (@tabbicus) for info and if you are up to it. :)

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Call for information! [Saturday
Jun 18th, 11 @ 4:25pm]

Well, with AC a week away I figure I'd put out one more call-out in case folks are interested in bopping on over to the Rivers for sit-and-go action at any point during the con. It seems like a fun idea to me, personally, and I haven't seen a brick-and-mortar place offer sit-and-goes before, so I'm certainly curious. Getting there is cheap even sans car, too.

I also have another question. I'm sure many of you have played with Stevie or me in tournaments, and Stevie if you're around you could probably help with this.

I'm looking to augment my chip set with more of the mid denominations, and some higher ones, too. I'd really like for them to be the same exact style and weight as the ones I have -- they're called "High Roller" (lol inorite) and they're the 11.5g mass chips.

Problem is, everywhere I've looked, they appear to only be carrying around the lower value chips at this point -- 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and that's it. I'm looking for my second set to have some extra 500s and 1000s to allow for more coloring up if I help host larger tournaments (seeing as how I will have plenty of extra red, too, if things go the right way).

If anyone finds a reasonably priced set of 650 with custom denom selection, or knows a good way to get a hold of said chips, please, good lord lemme know. I have wanted to do this for a while and it's starting to bug me!

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Vitai's Poker Room [Saturday
May 28th, 11 @ 4:48am]

[ mood | amused ]

 Just figured I'd share this with everyone. :)

Vitai's Poker Room

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May 22nd, 11 @ 4:31am]

So apparently there's a casino nice and close to the AC hotel area, called the Rivers. And according to a scouting report from a good friend, they hold sit'n'gos there, starting at $60+5.

Who would be interested in getting a bunch of furs together to see if they'll start one up for us? I think it'd be a hella awesome idea, myself. Plus, finally I wouldn't be stuck as permanent dealer in some game! :D

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Apr 23rd, 11 @ 5:29pm]
How the heck are we still hosting real-money tourneys on PokerStars if we can't play in real-money games in the US? We don't have that many international furs on here, do we?

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Parts of the World and Poker? [Thursday
Jan 27th, 11 @ 11:37am]
I'm not sure how many of you play on Full Tilt but when you mouseover someone's name, it tells you the country where they come from. I was wondering if you guys had seen any correlation between player types and where people come from?

For me, the Russian players (and to a lesser extent mainland European players in general) tend to be more aggressive - I've not played against a single Russian player in all of my recent heads-up SnGs who hasn't been very aggro.

Anyone else noticed anything similar to this, from Russia or trends with other countries :) ?

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How to (and how not to) 3-bet in PLO [Friday
Jan 21st, 11 @ 8:47am]
Another strategy article for all you poker furs out there :) . Thanks a lot to all of you who have watched me so far, I appreciate the support and comments ^_^ , hopefully you're finding the stuff I write useful. Here's my next piece, aimed for you furs who like the action and fast pace of PLO :) :


Enjoy! <3

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Exploitability in Poker [Thursday
Jan 20th, 11 @ 1:59am]
Just wrote a strategy article on exploitation in poker and how to find and fix your leaks. See below :) hope it's useful to some of you! The article focuses on heads-up play but it's applicable to other types of poker too.


Feel free to watch me on FA as I'm sure there will be more poker goodness to come ^_^ .

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3-betting in NLHE Heads-Up and the Nuts in PLO [Tuesday
Jan 18th, 11 @ 3:50pm]
Decided to post some poker strategy on my FA journal :) :


Hope some of you find it useful! Feel free to watch as I tend to post new poker journals semi-regularly ^_^ .

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FC Hold'em tournament [Thursday
Dec 30th, 10 @ 2:33pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey all,

I noticed the schedule is up on the FC 11 website so I went to check it out, and I see that there is a qualifier at 3pm on Saturday in the Cupertino room with the Final table listed for "Sunday Night" sometime...

I really want to play in this, but does anybody know when there might be other qualifiers and when exactly the final table will be?  I really want to go to "FC: Unleashed" which is from 8-9:30 on Sunday night so hopefully the tournament will not conflict with that event as it's really popular and well attended.

Thanks for any information :)

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Tilting is fun! 8D [Monday
Oct 25th, 10 @ 2:33am]

I'm a student of Phil Gordon, former Tilt Boy, and decided to needle a guy a bit, using my zen approach of honestly answering questions and validating my reasoning. When someone is a bit ticked, sometimes you can just stoke them til they burn themselves up. I think it worked to a point. then again, 3BB is pretty much insta-call so I'm not gonna brag about the knockout.

I was dealt Qh-Th in the small blind with less than 10 big blinds. One person limped and it came to me, so i decided to take a chance and limp rather than raise, and just call the raise. well stiritup32 raised it well over 6x the big blind and I felt like he had a medium pocket pair or over cards. I knew I was underdog, but if he had a pair i could pull ahead on the flop or various other connections. If he has over cards, i'm either dominated or in a race to pair. taking my stack into account i decide to re-raise all-in, pray for a fold but accept a call and hope for the best. I'm short stacked and i need to gamble if i want to get myself back in.

So this is how it followed: FullTilt Chatbox Copypasta Activate!Collapse )

I don't usually needle unless someone attacks my strategy and calls it comepletely invalid, when there is, in fact, always a method to my madness.

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RMFC Poker Tourney Results [Tuesday
Aug 17th, 10 @ 11:08pm]

A bit late, but meh. :)

Qualifier 1
8. Ben Keller
7. FreaKat
5. Seto Shepherd
4. Thoron
3. Nicolas

Qualifier 2
8. veridianlupine
7. Seto Shepherd
6. kupok
5. Damien
4. Takk Le'Gore
3. Mu

Qualifier 3
8. graywolf_2004
7. Studman4
6. Salem
5. Kezz
4. vulpinepilot
3. kasseth
Anthony Tiger

I SWEAR I am not responsible for the fact that half the final table is my home poker crew. >.>

Final Table
6. Chupacabra
5. Skuff Coyote
4. Streak
3. Alynna
2. Khortl Wolf
1. Anthony Tiger

Congratulations to Anthony Tiger for taking the title. Alas my boyfriend took second again, and it was once again at the hands of a nine.

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Rakeback [Thursday
Aug 12th, 10 @ 12:14am]

OMG! So I'm 1 month into a rakeback account. HOLY CRAP WHY DIDNT I EVER DO THIS BEFORE! I'm getting back around 100/month! Only catch is you have to sign up for a NEW account for it to work. All I did was delete my fulltilt cookies and sign up for a new account with a new screen name and linked it to a new bank account... and it worked. I get 27% of all my rake directly back in my account... Best thing ever.

Do you guys all have this? If you play any decent amount you HAVE to do this! Use the link below. I get like 1% on top of w/e you make if as a referral lol. It's probably nickels and dimes, but hey I like money. Even if you don't use that, you NEED to get a rakeback account somewhere!

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RMFC Poker Tourney [Wednesday
Aug 4th, 10 @ 11:46am]

Hola, fellow pokerfurs.

After my success of running the Califur poker tourney, I decided I will do it again at RMFC. You have your choice of three one-table satellites (small con, small tourney):
Qualifier 1: Friday, 8:00pm-10:30pm
Qualifier 2: Saturday, 10:00am-12:30pm
Qualifier 3: Saturday, 4:00pm-6:30pm

The top two from each will advance to the final table: Saturday, 8:00pm-10:30pm.

I arrive in Denver at 9:30 Friday morning, so I estimate registration sheets will be going up around 11. HOWEVER, since it is a small tourney and space is limited, I am offering "pre-reg" for the pokerfurs community (I'm full of myself, I know). If you want to request sign-up for one of the qualifiers, leave a comment to this entry and I'll mark you down.

Look forward to seeing some of you there. :)

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Indy Fur Con [Wednesday
Aug 4th, 10 @ 10:23am]

There is a casino about 45mins away from the con called Indiana Live. This casino is on dry land and circumvents the law by using only machines with no live dealers. So they have $1/$2 No limit hold'em but it is on an electronic table. Still, anybody want to hit it up on Saturday 08/14/10, holla back.

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FT rush [Tuesday
Aug 3rd, 10 @ 11:16pm]

Rush poker has revived my bankroll :) Thank you Full Tilt... I love you.

Ya'll should check it out. If you have a positive ROI, multiply it by 10xs per hour!

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Sleep is for the weak! [Thursday
Jul 8th, 10 @ 6:43am]

PokerStars Tournament #319011153, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $2.00/$0.20 USD
2316 players
$368.00 USD added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: $5000.00 USD
Tournament started 2010/07/07 23:00:00 ET
Tournament finished 2010/07/08 6:34:20 ET

1: Deyna_Otter (Forest Park), $790.00 (15.8%)
2: S.C.hold'em8 (regina), $593.35 (11.867%)
3: bental (Whitby), $425.00 (8.5%)
4: KAMILLA18 (Goiânia - FPM), $292.50 (5.85%)
5: palm bet (Delray Beach), $222.50 (4.45%)
6: nfld77 (Trinity Bay), $172.50 (3.45%)
7: SUSNS (Yonkers), $122.50 (2.45%)
8: Cee-Baz (Sydney), $72.50 (1.45%)
9: c4l4m4r (Buenos Aires), $42.50 (0.85%)

Totally worth it.

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Gavin Smith beats Phil Ivey on Poker After Dark [Thursday
Jul 1st, 10 @ 9:48am]


Couple of drinks makes for a fun game.

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