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A match full of alternates, witty conversation, and many many hands where "I have a pair of threes" was declared the winner. Yay, poker!

Qualifier 1
8. SLuF
7. Darkwolfala
6. Gabriel LaVedier
5. sk_1
4. skuffcoyote
3. Hardcore Bunnies (alternate)
Advancing: Clane DeCosta, Snowycub

Qualifier 2
This round featured the always-present "I'm bored, so I'm gonna go all-in." in the form of Wolfshier. After doing this several times (and doubling up), he advanced.
8. Sushi
7. doubleofox
6. RC
5. Nicoli
4. Redz
3. Kaz (alternate)
Advancing: Wolfmancan, Wolfshier

Qualifier 3
8. Gabriel LaVedier
The next three players were taken out in the same hand, courtesy of Ulfric.
7. Michichael
6. Yoshi
5. SLuF
4. skuffcoyote (alternate)
3. Hardcore Bunnies (already an alternate)
Advancing: Ulfric, darkstrype

Final Table
Ulfric was not able to make it to the final table, so after coming in third place twice, Hardcore Bunnies was in!
6. Wolfmancan
5. darkstrype
4. Clane DeCosta
3. Wolfshier
2. Snowycub

And our unlikely Califur Poker Tourney Champ: Hardcore Bunnies.

Well played, everyone. :)
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