Skuff Coyote (skuffcoyote) wrote in pokerfurs,
Skuff Coyote


OMG! So I'm 1 month into a rakeback account. HOLY CRAP WHY DIDNT I EVER DO THIS BEFORE! I'm getting back around 100/month! Only catch is you have to sign up for a NEW account for it to work. All I did was delete my fulltilt cookies and sign up for a new account with a new screen name and linked it to a new bank account... and it worked. I get 27% of all my rake directly back in my account... Best thing ever.

Do you guys all have this? If you play any decent amount you HAVE to do this! Use the link below. I get like 1% on top of w/e you make if as a referral lol. It's probably nickels and dimes, but hey I like money. Even if you don't use that, you NEED to get a rakeback account somewhere!

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