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Tilting is fun! 8D

I'm a student of Phil Gordon, former Tilt Boy, and decided to needle a guy a bit, using my zen approach of honestly answering questions and validating my reasoning. When someone is a bit ticked, sometimes you can just stoke them til they burn themselves up. I think it worked to a point. then again, 3BB is pretty much insta-call so I'm not gonna brag about the knockout.

I was dealt Qh-Th in the small blind with less than 10 big blinds. One person limped and it came to me, so i decided to take a chance and limp rather than raise, and just call the raise. well stiritup32 raised it well over 6x the big blind and I felt like he had a medium pocket pair or over cards. I knew I was underdog, but if he had a pair i could pull ahead on the flop or various other connections. If he has over cards, i'm either dominated or in a race to pair. taking my stack into account i decide to re-raise all-in, pray for a fold but accept a call and hope for the best. I'm short stacked and i need to gamble if i want to get myself back in.

So this is how it followed:

Dealer: Deyna_Otter shows [Th Qh]
Dealer: stiritup32 shows [Qd As]
Dealer: Deyna_Otter shows a straight, Queen high
Dealer: stiritup32 shows Ace Queen high
Dealer: Deyna_Otter wins the pot (4,610) with a straight, Queen high
stiritup32: crazy
Deyna_Otter: weeeee
gambler7928: my luck
Deyna_Otter: i figured it was a race
stiritup32: a race?
stiritup32: with q10,, dont be an idiot
stiritup32: u cant race with q10
stiritup32: ony get lucky
Deyna_Otter: if i put you on middle pair
Deyna_Otter: it's a race
Deyna_Otter: that's the only thing that matters for my decision
Deyna_Otter: not the results
stiritup32: so i never occured to u i wud raise 1200 with an ace k or q?
stiritup32: well u havnt played a flop yet,
Deyna_Otter: you may have me crushed if a queen comes, but i can still flop a 10 33% of the times
Deyna_Otter: and if you have a-k, i can still pull ahead
Deyna_Otter: it's a calculated risk
stiritup32: mate u cant justify ur move, ur a bingo player n ur showing it by wat u say
Deyna_Otter: sez u
Deyna_Otter: i think you're biased personally
Deyna_Otter: since i sucked out on you
stiritup32: so now ur saying u wud call if i had middle pair or if i had ak
stiritup32: lol ur a knob
Deyna_Otter: yup
Deyna_Otter: not all the time
Deyna_Otter: but in that spot
Deyna_Otter: at that moment, yup
stiritup32: that spot?
stiritup32: wat spot
stiritup32: u went all in b4 the flop
stiritup32: with q 10. no spot
Deyna_Otter: broaden your horizons my friend
Deyna_Otter: gotta gamble sometimes to win tournaments
stiritup32: and i bet u have won loads of them
Deyna_Otter: a few
Deyna_Otter: not on here
Deyna_Otter: stars mostly
Deyna_Otter: and live
stiritup32: sumthing telles me not enuff
Deyna_Otter: that depends on your persepective
Dealer: mightybartman has been disconnected
stiritup32: deyna, i know that there is no way in this world or any other that u have ever won a live tourney
Deyna_Otter: heh
stiritup32: ur a crap player who folds or goes all in
stiritup32: 2 moves

(at this point we had played maybe 15 hands at this table and i was short stacked for most of it. Kinda helps describes the caliber of player I'm dealing with)

Deyna_Otter: you don't have to believe me, just remember underestimating someone is a grave mistake, no matter the opponent
stiritup32: oh ffs
Deyna_Otter: lol, you're fun, you tilt so nice
stiritup32: yeah deyna
stiritup32: my bankroll is healthy enuff, im sure u r topping urs up weekly
Deyna_Otter: rarely ever, i don't play online much
Deyna_Otter: i prefer live

(with three big blinds left, and me on the button and him in the small blind, i raise him all-in with pocket 9's. he called of course)

Dealer: Deyna_Otter shows [9h 9c]
Dealer: stiritup32 shows [5d Td]
Dealer: Deyna_Otter shows two pair, Nines and Eights
Dealer: stiritup32 shows a pair of Eights
Dealer: Deyna_Otter wins the pot (1,760) with two pair, Nines and Eights
Dealer: stiritup32 finishes in 10th place

I don't usually needle unless someone attacks my strategy and calls it comepletely invalid, when there is, in fact, always a method to my madness.
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