Ian Keith (iankeith) wrote in pokerfurs,
Ian Keith

Call for information!

Well, with AC a week away I figure I'd put out one more call-out in case folks are interested in bopping on over to the Rivers for sit-and-go action at any point during the con. It seems like a fun idea to me, personally, and I haven't seen a brick-and-mortar place offer sit-and-goes before, so I'm certainly curious. Getting there is cheap even sans car, too.

I also have another question. I'm sure many of you have played with Stevie or me in tournaments, and Stevie if you're around you could probably help with this.

I'm looking to augment my chip set with more of the mid denominations, and some higher ones, too. I'd really like for them to be the same exact style and weight as the ones I have -- they're called "High Roller" (lol inorite) and they're the 11.5g mass chips.

Problem is, everywhere I've looked, they appear to only be carrying around the lower value chips at this point -- 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and that's it. I'm looking for my second set to have some extra 500s and 1000s to allow for more coloring up if I help host larger tournaments (seeing as how I will have plenty of extra red, too, if things go the right way).

If anyone finds a reasonably priced set of 650 with custom denom selection, or knows a good way to get a hold of said chips, please, good lord lemme know. I have wanted to do this for a while and it's starting to bug me!
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