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Three Eight Off-suit
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poker furries conventions
(insert picture of dogs playing poker)

Yeah, welcome. Feel free to post upcoming games, favorite variations, results, "what-if" situations, if ace-king suited is overrated (it is!), or whatever.

Only a few easy rules:
1) If you post large images (pretty much, something that might need to be thumbnailed), or a lot of small images, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use an lj-cut!
2) Please keep comments enabled and unscreened on all entries! It's a community so we should be able to hobnob with each other.
3) Since poker and gambling go hand-in-hand, make sure you keep it legit and on the up-and-up. We don't want to see anyone get in trouble! (We'd rather use the bail money to score more chips.)
4) As Bill and Ted would say, be excellent to each other!

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